Perspectives on Pandemic

Note: YouTube is censoring Doctors. Why would they do that? Why are you not allowed to see this information? In a Democracy every one has a voice or an opportunity to speak. Is this the world you want to live in where Freedom of Speech is silenced? Even if we do not agree, I still respect your right to express your voice.

I will continue to locate these Banned Videos for you. I am finding some on BitChute. Stay tuned. Share the truth far and wide.

Episode #1 - Perspectives on the Pandemic 

Episode #2 - Perspectives on the Pandemic 

Episode #3 - Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr. David L. Katz

 Episode #4 - Perspective on Pandemic | Dr. John Ioannidis

Episode #5 - Perspectives on the Pandemic 

 Episode #6 - Perspective on Pandemic | The Bakersfield Doctors

Episode #6 - Perspective on Pandemic | Investigative Journalist Sam Housseini

Episode 1: Episode 2: (Currently Offline) Available on Facebook here: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: Episode 7:


  1. If people do not take a stand now, there will be no future for children to grow up Free. Face masks do not protect from breathing in virus but protect the other people from not breathing in their germs.


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