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Covid & Vaccines- Open Discussion With Medical Professionals

I hold a virtual town hall with 7 medical professionals whose background range from Nurses, RN's, ER Workers, Hospice Workers, & Paramedics. They have over 100+ years of experience in respective medical fields. In this virtual town hall we discuss the following subjects: - Vaccine injuries & what's going in in the hospitals. How hospitals are lying. - The misinformation with MSM. The lies they are saying vs what is really happening - The Fear of speaking Up Preventative measures. What can you do if you get covid? Should you be afraid? What can you do if you already got the vaccine? How to stay out of the hospitals? Coronaviruses are seasonal and we are entering the part of the cycle where Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths will rise in the northern hemisphere. This has always been the most likely outcome. They have never successfully made an immunizing coronavirus vaccine in the past and these vaccines are no different. Regardless, if you are vacc