Undercover NYC Nurse Exposes What the Media IS Not Telling You


  1. They have always felt were disposable.

    They just do a great job at pointing the finger.

    Look at us now.

    People are weak and barely think for themselves. We brought you the internet yet you still can't comprehend the most basic thoughts.

    Last year 9 unarmed Black Americans were killed by cops, yet your burning your country down as China is drooling to bring their troops over.

    These folks know not what they are creating.
    And when it's over they'll be the first to disappear.

    The circle continues....

    Covid was a sham...
    As Germany said
    There is a new test, not a new virus.

    How can we be locked down in a pandemic yet this virus has killed less than the common cold does each year.

    Only 4 months for a year of the covid.

    Here we have children and folks of all ages dying because the medical staff in Canada are told to leave em to die.

    This world has become so sick so quick and it's no virus.
    We really need another Nuremberg trial for folks to understand their position in society.

  2. I watched the video and hearing the stories of what these hospitals do is frightening. Of course, I read $13,000 for every covid patient. Why not classify the person coming in with an ailment as the virus when you are paid highly.

  3. I have crack the code that cannot be denied worldwide there are no facts on what they write do you ask how did they do it they use adverbs and adjectives in front of the facts in order to modify them and modify them and change them so they are no longer affects if you don’t have any facts in what you’re talking about you’re talking about nothing

    1. If you don’t start your document off with a prepositional phrase by default all the facts on the page become a pronoun.
      This has been engineered from the beginning we are top in the fifth grade never start a sentence with a prepositional phrase why so we could never create a fact keeping us locked into the fiction I have booked through I am in the fact .

      For the & of the now that’s a prepositional phrase but when you split them apart they both become adverbs The main function of an adverb is to modify the speed at which a verb is modified at if you put an adverb in front of a fact it changes it to a gerund verb if the fact is at the end of the sentence then it makes it a dangling participle verb.

  4. Sadly the collateral damage from this virus is NOW killing more that the virus itself. Suicides are way up! In 3rd world countries, death by starvation and deaths as a result of inadequate food supply is way up!
    Thankfully, there are still some truth-seeking people out there who see what this is all about; MONEY, DRAMA and CONTROL!

    Life is meant to be lived...
    I have several clients who refused to become victims of the hysteria; Some have written me that they've lost their jobs, stumbled onto my day trading website and are now making as much money from home as they were from their former jobs.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS, Robert from daytradingwiththelight.com


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